Kusadasi Crusie port to Ephesus Museum Trip

You should inevitably avail the Ephesus Tour if you want to make your Turkish vacation memorable. From the cruise ports at Kusadasi and Izmir or from the air terminal of Izmir, you would be getting several touring programs heading towards the ancient city of Ephesus, where you will be seeing sites like the House of Virgin Mary or the Ephesus museum, to name few.

Synopsis on the city of Ephesus

Ephesus in Turkey is a city that offers incredible scenic beauty and several sites of historical significance. This is basically a valley region and the show of the landscapes are simply heart pounding. The city is one of the ancient cities in Turkey and in concurrent times, the city is conceived as one of major sites of tourist interest. A point worth to mention about the city is that it holds the legacy of the initial flourish of Christianity.  You will get this city at a distance of 30 KM from Kusadasi. 

About the Ephesus tour

The Ephesus tour enables you to relish the incredible beauty of the valley region. Aside, the Kusadasi cruze port to Ephesus Museum Trip offers you the chance to relish the mementoes from the ancient history of the city. The Izmir Crusie port to Ephesus Museum Trip is another way to reach the magical valley-city of Ephesus. The touring program from Izmir airport to Ephesus Museum is your chance to get more familiar with the Grecian and Roman era.

The Ephesus Museum- an exclusive museum you will ever see

The Museum of Ephesus houses the collections of the historical mementoes that had been excavated in the city. The form, in which you would see the city today, was casted during the year of 1983. However, the major portion of the excavated items was taken to the British Museum. The museum is different from any other museums in the world. The difference is on the style of arranging the collections, which is arranged here based on themes, rather than following the style of chronological arrangements.

House of Virgin Mary- an important site of tourist interest in Ephesus 

Other important sites of tourist interest include the House of Virgin Mary, the abode where the holy soul was boarding during her stay in Ephesus on her mission to spread Christianity among the local residents of the city.