Izmir airport to Ephesus and house of Virgin Mary

Ephesus is a Turkish city that is important from the religious-tourism and historical perspectives. The city houses several sites of interest for tourists, the major being the House of Virgin Mary, a house that Mary boarded during her stay there and the Temple of Artemis that is conceived to be one of the wonders on the planet. Thus, the Ephesus tour offers enough of impetus for the millions of tourists that flocks to the city every year.

What is so special about the city of Ephesus?

Ephesus, lying at a distance of thirty KM from Kusadasi, marks the transition of several eras and in its latest standing, the city is one of the major sites in the tourism framework of Turkey. The city was set up as a port and once it had crucial significance in global trade and commerce. Aside, the city holds importance in the religious perspectives as its history has association with Mary and Saint John. It was one of those cities in the world that witnessed the initial flourish of Christianity.

Trip to a city which is magical from all the perspectives

The Ephesus tour comes exotic to the visitors from all the probable perspectives and thus, options like the Kusadasi cruze port to Ephesus tour or the Izmir tour had secured great popularity among the tourists. Yet another delightful trip option to this incredibly majestic city is the one that connects you from Izmir airport to Ephesus & house of Virgin Mary. Investing your time, money and energy for this trip, your expectations actually get surpassed by the magic the land offers.

House of Virgin Mary- a pilgrimage to the Christians worldwide

Stationed on the peaks of the BULBUL Mountain, at a span of nine kilometers, lies the house of Virgin Mary, a pilgrimage to the Christians worldwide. It is conceived that she lived there for several years and dedicated herself to the preaching of Christianity. Ephesus is one of those cities in the world that witnessed the initial flourish of Christianity.

The Artemis temple- one of the 7 wonders on the planet

Aside the visit to the house of Virgin Mary, the trip takes you to the celebrated temple of Artemis, a wonder to the world. The erection of the temple took century span and it had been rebuilt several times. The temple got robbed by the Goths after it was rebuilt for the third time.