Kusadasi to Ephesus tour

Ephesus is one of the most important cities in the tourism map of Turkey and the ancient city receives millions of visitors each year. You can avail the Ephesus tour, either from the Cruise ports of Kusadasi or Izmir to explore the ancient city. The main attractions at Ephesus are the house of Virgin Mary and the Terrace house. 

Ephesus- the land where history lies alive  

Located at a distance of about thirty kilometers from Kusadasi, The ancient Turkish city of Ephesus features the history of the Roman and the Grecian times. The city is associated with the memories of Mary who is conceived to live there for years along with John and the city is celebrated as a site that gave the initial platform for the flourish of Christianity. In today’s time, the city holds deep significance in the tourism map of Turkey and receives millions of global tourists every year.

Ephesus Deluxe trip- icing on the cake of your Turkish vacation

The Ephesus tour is all about relishing historical significance and exotic natural beauty simultaneously. This combination encourages millions of tourists to avail the Kusadasi cruze port to Ephesus Deluxe trips every year, who get the ultimate enjoyment visiting the historical city. You can even avail the Izmir cruze port to Ephesus deluxe tour or the luxurious trip from Izmir airport to Ephesus city that are the alternative access to reach to the site where history had left its mark to the present times. 

The prime sites of attraction at Ephesus

The prime attraction at the historical city would be the House of Virgin Mary that as per the local tales had been he abode for the years she spent there to preach Christianity. Aside, being a ancient port city, you should definitely visit the ancient port of Ephesus that would surely bee a pleasant memory for you.

Terrace House at Ephesus- an account of ancient architectural glory

A celebrated site of tourist attraction, the ancient Terrace house at Ephesus is a hill side edifice that reflects the glorious picture about the life in the Roman era. The terrace house was built following the Hippodamian orientation of the town that features the intersection of the streets in right angles.