Ephesus trip

Ephesus comes within the district of Selcuk. Ephesus is an ancient city of Turkey originally developed as a port and hence had critical importance in contemporary trade and business perspectives. Aside, it is the site wherein several important buildings and monuments were built in the historical times. The Ephesus tour enables you to explore all the wonders and exoticness of the city.

Ephesus- a city that holds great importance in historical and modern Turkey

Ephesus had been one of those cities that witnessed the initial growth of Christianity. The city was set up as a port and hence, in ancient days it was a major hub trade and commerce. Ephesus serves as a major site of tourist interest in concurrent times. The city comes within the Selcuk district that lies at a separation of 30 kilometers from Kusadasi.

Selcuk- a modern city that houses the ancient city of Ephesus

The city of Selcuk shares its name with the province and it is the headquarters to the district. It lies at a distance of only two kilometers from the ancient township of Ephesus.  The area had retained its importance since the days of the early Grecian era that in today’s time had taken the shape of a major tourism hub for Turkey. Slecuk is the spot where you would be getting innumerable numbers of edifices from the historical times. The Ephesus tour from the cruise ports of Kusadasi or Izmir and alternatively the sightseeing program from the Izmir airport is the most convenient way to get into this wonderland, featured with incredible scenic beauty and uncountable sights of tourist interest.

Why should you avail the tour to Ephesus and Selcuk?

A vacation is the time to cut down all the stress and rejuvenate from the strains. In the regard, Ephesus, with its mesmerizing scenic beauty and magical landforms, promises the ultimate refreshment. Once you set for your rebound journey, you would discover your mind and heart filled with internal peace and tranquility.

The major sights of interest to see during the Ephesus trip

There are no deaths of attraction in the tour to Ephesus. The most notable names in the list would be the Terrace house, the temple of Artemis, house of Virgin Mary and the ruins of the ancient port.