Ephesus Sirince Village day trip

With the dual attraction of sites with historical importance and the enchanting ambiance of a small and sere hillside Village, the Ephesus- Sirince trip should be an inevitable activity in the schedule of the Turkish vacation. No where else in the word you would get the chance to relish such exotic natural beauty and incredible historical attraction together in a day’s time.

Basic information about Ephesus and the Sirince village

Ephesus happens to be one of the most ancient cities of Turkey with the glory of having association with the days of the early Greeks and the Romans. The city had been a major station that encouraged the spread of Christianity. History suggests that the city was developed as a port town and thus, was important historically on the aspect of trade & commerce. Sirince is a small hillside Turkish village, incredibly beautiful and was developed as early as in the fifteenth century.

Ephesus- Sirince Village day trip

The Ephesus tour is one program that the tourist never misses in their Turkish Trip. You should avail the Kusadasi cruze port to Ephesus-Sirince Village trip that gives you access to witness the sites of Tourist interest in the ancient city of Ephesus and the incredibly beautiful village of Sirince. Alternatively, there is the izmir cruze port to Ephesus-Sirince Village tour program that is the other access to his diligent sightseeing program. Tourists usually avail the transfer from Izmir airport to Ephesus- Sirince Village that carries them to the heavenly-beautiful sites in great comfort and assured safety.

Sites of interest in the trip

You should visit the house of Virgin Mary and the ruins of the ancient port in Ephesus. Aside, there are other ruins of the buildings raised during the Grecian and Roman times.

Why should you not miss the trip?

The trip promised you 2-fold attraction of notable historical sites and the lively & enchanting ambiance of a Turkish hillside village. It would be hard to get this combination at other parts of the world.