Ephesus Tour

One of the most ancient cities of Turkey, Ephesus highlights exceptionally rich historical legacy upon social, Political and spiritual perspectives. The city had developed itself as one of the most crucial point in the tourism framework of turkey. Every year, millions of foreign tourists avails the Ephesus tour to explore the beauty of the place and the sites of interest in the city.

Ephesus- the ancient port city

Ephesus in Turkey has a historical legacy that dates back to the times of the ancient Greeks and the Romans. The city was settled as a port and hence in ancient time it had deep significance to the field of international trade and commerce. Ephesus is positioned at a separation of 30 kilometers from Kusadasi. In concurrent times, Ephesus is an important crowd-puller to the Turkish soil.

Ephesus tour- a sightseeing program to explore the history

Your Turkish vacation would not get the perfect ten score if you miss the Ephesus tour. The city houses several important edifices of world history. The trip from Izmir airport to Ephesus takes you to the actions area wherein you can witness the magical life that dates backs to several centuries. The alternative approach to reach the land that had been the platform for the flourish of Christianity is the Izmir cruze port to Ephesus tour package or the trip from Kusadasi cruze port to Ephesus. The city of Ephesus with its exceptional scenic beauty, magical landscapes and edifices that are the witness of history, promises you the best touring program of your lifetime.

What special at Ephesus

The specialty of Ephesus is manifold. Where else in the world you expect to get the marks of the Grecian and Roman civilizations lying side by side? Aside, there are sites like the Basilica of Saint John, the terrace house, the ruins of the ancient port etc.

The significance of Ephesus to a pious Christian

The history of Ephesus is not only towards to the social or political walks, but it is equally holly to the pious Christians worldwide. It is one of those few cities in the world that witnessed the spreading of Christianity in its earliest days. It is said that Mary and Saint John lives in this city. Ephesus holds the house of Virgin Mary which is a pilgrimage to the Christians worldwide.