Kusadasi Crusie port to Ephesus and Virgin Mary trip

Conceived as an ancient port city, Ephesus in today’s time is a celebrated site of Turkish Tourism. The Ephesus tour is never to be missed while you visit Turkey. It is in this city you will be getting the House of Virgin Mary, a holy site for the Christians. Aside, there are sites of attraction like the Temple of Artemis, the museum and several other sites raised during the Grecian and Roman times.

Ephesus is an ancient city of Turkey that lies within the modern Selcuk city and is separated from Kusadasi at a distance of thirty kilometers. The city holds a pleasant Mediterranean climate that comes highly conducive for the tourism activity that goes in the city the year round. This is a city that features exceptional scenic beauty and holds several important monuments of world history. Ephesus had been a city that embarrassed Christianity during its early years of propagation and being the abode for Mary and Saint John, it is also a site of pilgrimage to the Christians.

Izmir cruze port to Ephesus & Virgin Mary trip- an exotic sightseeing option in the Turkish land

Tourists visiting turkey ensures that they avail the Ephesus tour, a sightseeing program to explore the early history of Christianity and the glorious edifices that bears the tough from the Grecian and Roman days. The Kusadasi Crusie port to Ephesus & Virgin Mary trip takes you down the memory lanes to the days while Mary was staying in the city to spread the message of Christ among the locales there. The trip from Izmir Crusie port to Ephesus & Virgin Mary is to be availed to explore the exoticness of this ancient city. The touring program from izmir airport to Ephesus & Virgin Mary promises the commuters the ultimate pleasure and enjoyment.

Ephesus is the holy sites to the Christians worldwide

House of Virgin Mary is conceived to be the abode of Mary while she was staying here to propagate the teaching of Jesus Christ among the localities. It is said that Saint John was accompanying her in the mission to propagate the dogmas of Christ. Thus, the city is crucially important to the Christians.

What else you will get there?

Aside the House of Virgin Mary, you will be seeing the sites like the Temple of Artemis, the Museum of Ephesus, the ruins of the ancient port and several other monuments built during the Grecian as well as the Roman era.