Izmir airport to Ephesus tour program

The ancient city of Ephesus comes within the limits of the modern town of Selcuk and lies within a fair stretch from Kusadasi. Ephesus is a valley city that was developed as a port. In today’s time, it is a leading tourism spot in Turkey. At Ephesus you would be getting several glorious edifices from the historical period.

Information on Ephesus

Ephesus is basically a valley region and the show of its landscapes is mesmerizing. You will get this city at a distance of 30 KM from Kusadasi and it is one of the ancient cities in Turkey. In concurrent times, the city is conceived as one of major sites of tourist interest. A point worth to mention about the city is that it holds the legacy of the initial flourish of Christianity. 

Izmir to Ephesus Tour- an activity to make your visit to Turkey memorable

From Izmir airport to Ephesus tour program is your chance to get more familiar with the glorious moments of ancient history. Ephesus tour acts as a link between the past and present of mankind and it makes your Turkish vacation all the more incredible and memorable.

The Ephesus Museum- an exclusive museum you will ever see

The Museum of Ephesus houses the collections of the historical mementoes that had been excavated in the city. The museum is exclusive upon the style of arranging the collections, which is arranged here based on themes, rather than following the style of chronological arrangements.

Ephesus Terrace house- a major attraction at Ephesus

The ancient terrace house lies opposite to the Temple of Hadrian and its construction time ranges between the first century BC and the seventh century AD. The site is important as it portrays the evidences on the society and life during the Roman era.