A trip to Saint John Basilica

If you are visiting Turkey, the Ephesus trip is one program you should never afford to miss. It is in this city where you will see the Basilica of Saint John and the Ephesus Museum. Aside, the city holds the house of Virgin Mary. The city is positioned at a distance of thirty kilometers from Kusadasi.

Ephesus- the city that highlights the reminisces of the Grecian and the Roman era

Settled as an ancient Port, the city of Ephesus in today’s time is a celebrated tourist spot in Turkey. The ancient city of Ephesus comes within the limits of the modern town of Selcuk and it is at a distance of 30 kilometers from Kusadasi. The city has an exceptional legacy being associated to the holy memory of Virgin Mary and Saint John who lived there for quiet a longer span, spreading the message of Christ among the locales there. Ephesus is also the site which was associated with the eras of the ancient Greeks and the Romans.

Ephesus Tour- a trip to pay homage to the holy memory of Saint John

To explore the exoticness of the city, you need to avail the Kusadasi cruze port to Ephesus & Saint John Basilica tour. Another option that you can avail is the Izmir cruze port to Ephesus & Saint John Basilica trip. The Ephesus tour promises the tourists incredible attraction and charm and a chance to relish the exceptional beauty of the valley and knocking the doors of the significant edifices of world historyYou can say that the trip from Izmir airport to Ephesus & Saint John Basilica completes the circle of a delightful Turkish vacation.

About the Basilica of Saint John 

Saint John documented the Fourth Gospel and the pious Revelation book. Basilica of Saint John was built during the reign of Emperor Justinian on the graveyard of Saint John. It is said that the Saint John spent the last years of his life in the region, preaching the divine message of Christ.

Ephesus Museum- a major attraction to the city of Ephesus

Aside the Saint John Basilica, another wonder site attraction at Ephesus is the Museum. The museum is exclusive in its orientation that features the arrangement based on themes, replacing the chronological orientations that are normally undertaken for arranging the museum worldwide.