Kusadasi Crusie port to Ephesus and terrace house

The millions of the tourists that visit Turkey every year ensure that they avail the Ephesus trip, where they get the chance to explore some of the important edifices from the ancient historical days. You get touring options to Ephesus from the cruise ports of Kusadasi as well as Izmir. Alternatively, there are arrangements of tours starting from the Izmir airport.

Ephesus- a city that retained its relevance from the historical days

Ephesus, aside being a major hub of tourism in modern days, was an important port city of Turkey. You will get the ancient city of Ephesus within the Selcuk region. The city lies at a distance of thirty KM from Kusadasi. Ephesus houses several notable edifices of ancient history.

Don’t miss the trips to Ephesus while you visit Turkey

The Ephesus tour is one of the prime activities for the tourists visiting Turkey. Millions of tourists avails the Kusadasi Crusie port to Ephesus & terrace house trip every year. The tour program from Izmir airport to Ephesus enjoys equal popularity. It is the chance to explore the beautiful scenic beauty of the city and the opportunity to meet the witnesses of the ancient Grecian and Roman civilization that makes millions of tourists to opt for the Izmir Crusie port to Ephesus & terrace house trip.

Ephesus Terrace house- a glory for the ancient architecture

The ancient terrace house lies opposite to the Temple of Hadrian and its construction time ranges between the first century BC and the seventh century AD. The site is important as it portrays the evidences on the society and life during the Roman era. The unique feature of the construction is that it was raised following the HIPPODAMIAM planning of the city where the streets intersect at right angles.

Few other sites that you should visit in Ephesus


Aside the Terrace house, you should visit the sites like the Temple of Artemis, the Hadrian Temple, House of Virgin Mary and several other important monuments raised either in the Grecian times or during the reign of the Romans